3 day healthy gut diet nutrient dense

3 Day Healthy Gut Diet – nutrient dense

A healthy gut is hot topic and finding a 3 day healthy gut diet thats nutrient dense can be tricky. You want to know why? Well it’s generally the plan is put together specifically for the person, it’s not a one-size-fits-all process (well it’s not when I make plans for people). But I have something special for you

But still, there are definitely common trends that many people are looking for, information on probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods, microbiome, microbiota, gut bacteria, gut health diet, healing the gut – these topics are becoming everyday chatter for good reason! Research shows that a healthy gut microbiome has surprising health benefits and aids digestion. Whereas, an unhealthy gut has been linked to almost all chronic diseases (crazy right?).

Here comes the special part…. To help you care for your gut, feed your gut microbiome and support your overall health, I have created a 3 day healthy gut diet nutrient-dense and high fiber and full of foods that promote healthy gut bacteria and maintenance. You can even download all of the recipes for FREE by scrolling to the bottom and clicking download.


So here goes…

Day 1


Breakfast (322 calories, 9g fiber)

  • One serve Vanilla Late Overnight Oats

Lunch (284 calories, 12g fiber)

  • Bowl of spring salad

Dinner (350 calories, 9g fiber)

  • Chicken taco stuffed sweet potato

Snack (201 calories, 2g fiber)

  • Creamy tuna on oat crackers

Total calories = 1157 calories

Total fiber = 32g fiber



Day 2

one pan meal paigecowley.com

Breakfast (235 calories, 11g fiber)

  • Raspberry chia protein pudding

Lunch (445 calories, 9g fiber)

  • Turkey breast with cauliflour rice and avocado

Dinner (308 calories, 8g fiber)

  • One pan sausage, kale and jicama home fries

Snack (249 calories, 8g fiber)

  • Kiwi green smoothie

Total calories = 1237 calories

Total fiber = 36g fiber



Day 3

Breakfast (336 calories, 11g fiber)

  • Tripple berry protein bowl

Lunch (311 calories, 12g fiber)

  • Sweet potato black bean quinoa bake

Dinner (208 calories, 12g fiber)

  • Roasted cauliflower burrito bowl

Snack (261 calories, 5g fiber)

  • Yoghurt and berries

Total calories = 1116 calories

Total fiber = 40g fiber

Free Download 3 day gut health diet with recipes and shopping list

Want to download all the recipes and full shopping list for my 3 day healthy gut diet nutrient dense and high fiber plan? Here is the link – https://www.paigecowley.com/3-day-healthy-gut-diet/