Are you struggling to sleep?

Do you have trouble getting to sleep?
Do you have trouble staying asleep?
Or both?
There are 10 major reasons why there is a sleep crisis worldwide! The number 1 reason is STRESS 😬

When we think about stress, we often assume it only impacts adults because of job demands, family responsibilities, and social obligations. However, kids, teenagers, and young adults are increasingly becoming more stressed due to the pressures of modern society.
Insomnia and exhaustion are two of the biggest ways that stress can disrupt the adrenal system and negatively impact your life. I know that when I have had a big week with work or I have a lot on my mind my “off” switch doesn’t work.

Waking up frequently at night and overthinking are signs that when need some additional support! So don’t ignore it & hope it goes away. There are simple things you can do tonight to help get better quality sleep.

Here are 6 of my top tips:
1. Go to bed when you are tired, not when you are exhausted!
2. Power down and decrease the usage of electronics before bed.
3. Stop eating a few hours before bed.
4. Take a warm/hot shower or bath before bed. Studies have shown if you increase your body temperature and let your self cool it will make you sleepy.
5. Take nutrients to help you sleep – magnesium, vitamin c, zinc, potassium, vitamin B1, B5, B6
6. Write down your do list for tomorrow so you can remove the extra thoughts that might keep you up.

Poor sleep doesn’t just affect the adrenals, either. It can increase appetite and blood pressure while weakening the immune system and worsening anxiety & depression. Our ability to function – mentally, physically, and emotionally – is drastically different when we’re well-rested compared with when we’re sleep-deprived.