Care from the outside in - Finding Beta Health

Care from the outside in – Finding Beta Health

I am a big fan of caring for the body from the inside out but how about from the outside in? Need help find Beta Health? Through my patient care, I work closely with other health practitioners to help get our patients the best results possible (especially ones that care from the outside in)!! Open communication between health practitioners helps you achieve the best care. One health practitioner I work with often to support patients is my gifted friend David – he’s an Osteopath and honestly fantastic! Have you seen an Osteopath before? If not, I thought I would help you get to know David and his skills by sharing with your our Q&A session on how his care can seriously benefit your wellbeing.

David Liddiard Registered Osteopath ​
Welcome, David!

Please introduce yourself & share something fun about you 🙂
I’m a registered osteopath, qualified in Oxford travelled the world with my qualification, worked at two Olympic Games and represented NZ twice at Age Group triathlon. I am British, yes, and I have an opinion on Brexit. And I think COVID has made the world a better place than it was before, but we need to be kinder to the planet and all that we take from it.

So tell me, what is an osteopath?
An osteopath is a manual therapist who uses a variety of techniques to aid recovery from an injury. Typically tend to see acute, sub-acute through to chronic injury. We assess using a variety of means and uses a variety of different techniques to achieve a result to aid recovery through rehabilitation. Osteopaths tend to use guidance through principles and philosophy established throughout the training of diagnosis (what the problems are) to form a prognosis (how long the issue will take to recover). This helps steer the correct means as to how to help the individual needs of the patient. As osteopaths, we tend to treat the individual, not the symptoms.

Why should I see an osteopath?
We address a variety of problems that may have led to the cause, not just treating the end result. This can help maintain the issue from reoccurring, and help the long term objective of regaining and remaining in an ideal balance of health.

What do you treat? & do you have a specialist area?
In both my clinics I treat a general practice. This means I see every individual regardless of their issue. As a specialist, I treat musculoskeletal injuries. Given my interest in sport, I treat a variety of sporting injuries. I also have additional qualifications in treating visceral (organs) in. The body and in the skull. Trauma or stress can contribute to dysfunction in these areas which cause inflammation, in which osteopathy can be hugely beneficial.

Treating Underlying dysfunction from childhood can be a means of diagnosis, so using a variety of assessment and treatment methods such as cranial osteopathy, helps form clearer picture as too underlying causes leading to dysfunction. This is why treating through pregnancy can be beneficial to both the mother and the baby, but also aiding the birthing process. Treating babies and toddlers can help with a variety of problems encountered, such as latching, wind or sleeping issues.

Osteopaths have just given through further training to come in line with standardisation of management within paediatrics. This enables a high standard of provisions in the treatment and care of the baby through to young adults. This is the first of any pf the manual therapy professions to go through the Post Graduate Diploma certification

What are the common experiences or results your clients have? (How do people feel after a consultation?)
Typically I advise no physical exertion between12-24 hours after treatment, whilst the brain adjusts to the correction made throughout treatment. Older or more long-standing issues may take up to 72 hours post-treatment to start easing. It can be possible to feel more out of sight subsequently after treatment, given this. However, we taped to look at the overall log term aims of what we are trying to achieve,

In my clinic, I see a lot of people with digestive issues, skin problems, headaches, and stress (amongst many other areas) – Please tell me how seeking care and treatment from you can you help their healing? 
I have a passion for global health and wellbeing. Through personal experience, trials and tribulations and having a good understanding of peoples health I know a lot of health stems within. The gut has a huge role in keeping us In the correct balance of health and wellbeing. I work closely in aiding a variety of dysfunction, ad sometimes the cause can be from unexpected areas, such as the gut and within the abdomen. Pain in your Lower back may come from your bowel small destine, likewise shoulder pain may come from your gall bladder or stomach. This may not always be the case, but I work closely with the individual to address the underlying cause, not just the part that hurts. Using visceral manipulation, gentle work to these organs can help regain function, which in turn improves symptoms, and also help bodily and mental problems that otherwise may have been overlooked, Fatigue, stress, irritability and joint stiffness amongst many others are all secondary effects of visceral problems. I do, however, have limitations as to what I can achieve as an osteopath, so working closely with other professionals who are specialists in their given area will enable the best outcome to the individual. That is why I work closely with Paige, as I trust her wholeheartedly as I know she has had great success from the patients I have referred to her in helping get the best from all we come across.


If you weren’t sold on seeing an Osteopath before, you should be now! David is great, he’s honest, friendly and knows exactly what he is doing. I have had the pleasure of working with David and together we have seen many patients recover and live happy and healthy lives. Combining care from naturopathy and osteopathy will get you the best results from the outside in and the inside out.

David Liddiard Beta Health
Finding Beta Health – Connect with David:
Instagram: @betahealthnz
Facebook: betahealthnz

He practices from 2 locations in Auckland New Zealand

402 Don Buck Road, Massey, Auckland 0614

Podium physio:
25 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632


Do you have questions? Please get in touch 🙂