Foods to avoid in a kid friendly pantry!

Foods to avoid in a kid friendly pantry!

Teaching your children about food and drink choices is important, check out my list of foods to avoid for optimum childhood nutrition and a healthy gut. What to foods to avoid in a kid friendly pantry! Check out my list below:

Soft drink. Anyone for a glass of sugar, colouring, preservatives, carbon dioxide and phosphoric acid which leaches calcium from the bones? No — I thought not. Research also links a high intake of phosphate-containing drinks with hyperactivity and other behaviour problems.

Fruit juice. Often thought of as a healthier option, this is not the case. Many fruit juice-based drinks contain only a small amount of juice and are accompanied with flavourings, colourings and preservatives. Even pure fruit juices are not the best as the fruit acids can damage tooth enamel and fruit juices are still high in sugar. When you do give your child fruit juice, mix it with water as a special treat.

Caffeine. A strange thing to list in an article for children’s food? Sadly many caffeinated soft drinks are marketed at adolescents, and teens now meet “for a coffee” — something the generation before them never did. A small amount of caffeine can increase mental alertness but too much can cause anxiety, dizziness, headaches and insomnia. Caffeine can also cause the body to lose calcium. Teens should have no more than 100mg per day and preferably less (a single espresso shot is roughly 100mg). Younger children should not have any caffeine.

Sugar. There are obvious sugars in the diet, such as chocolate bars and lollies, and there are more insidious sources including tins of baked beans, pasta sauces and most junk foods including crisps. Sugar messes with children’s blood sugar levels causing mood swings, impairing concentration and increasing insulin levels, which encourages fat storage (obesity).

Potato chips. They have high levels of fat and salt, not to mention artificial flavour and preservatives.

Ice cream. Kids love it! But have you read the listed ingredients? Hydrated fats, lots of sugar, powdered milk and plenty of additives. Be strong. Don’t buy it! Save it for treats or special occasions only.

Packaged breakfast cereals. Many have huge amounts of sugar, high salt and highly refined grains with added vitamins so they can make health claims. Savvy parents know better!

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