How gut health effects weight loss

Over the years I have spoken to so many women who are trying to shift the weight but struggling with digestive issues. Gut health effects weight loss, so focusing on one without considering the other means that many women see no improvements.

When I speak to these women, they have tried every diet they could think of… keto, vegan, low fat, raw foods, high protein, low carb.. everything! But still, they have never been able to achieve sustainable weight loss AND their digestive symptoms have always worsened.

The problem is that all of these diets focus on calories. Calories in VS calories out. But never considering the quality that is feeding our gut microbiome. Because when the gut isn’t functioning optimally weight will always be a problem.

Poor gut bacteria can destabilise your blood sugar levels. When our blood sugar levels are imbalanced it causes insulin spikes. Too much insulin causes fat to be stored.

Regularly having high blood sugar levels increases food cravings of unhealthy foods. When your body is craving foods you do want to eat you are unfortunately more likely to give in to temptation which ends up in a cycle of dieting and trying to lose weight and yet binging on unhealthy foods.

Unstable blood sugar levels cause inflammation. Inflammation also contributes to poor gut health. So what are signs of inflammation:
– Increased blood pressure
– Skin feels puffy
– Struggling to lose weight
– Fluid retention
– Brain for and poor concentration
– Feeling stressed

The frustrating cycle of high blood sugar levels increased inflammation, craving of unhealthy foods, feeling guilty and then starting a new diet is, unfortunately, one that I see often. This is why it is so important to get your gut function right. When you have a solid gut function you can lose weight and keep it off. No more yoyo-ing

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