How to choose a probiotic!

There are so many different probiotics on the shelves & online that it can be a difficult and confusing task.

Things to consider:
1. Supplements should have listed which type of bacteria that it contains, do not buy a supplement that doesn’t list the bacteria type.

2. How many CFUs does the supplement have? CFUs stands for colony forming units, it means what is the number of live bacteria contained in each dose of this supplement. Quality is better the quantity so take time to find a good brand.

3. What’s your goal? If you have a particular health condition you are trying to manage them I would absolutely recommend consulting with your health practitioner so the right one can be selected for you.

4. Which strains are in this probiotic formula and what is the research behind these strains. Choose strains that apply to your health goals.

Probiotics are being used for an ever expanding range of clinical reasons with more and more research available. One of my favourite resources is Dr. Jason Hawrelak’s probiotic advisor!


My go-to probiotic is – The Daily Synbiotic from Seed which you can purchase here