How to fix your gut after antibiotics

How to fix your gut after antibiotics

It’s no secret that antibiotics are overprescribed but what is lacking is help on how to fix your gut after antibiotics. In my clinic, this is a common question, how many courses of antibiotics have you had? 70% of my patients have taken 9-20 courses of antibiotics in their lifetime.

If you hadn’t noticed antibiotics generally leave you with a whole bunch of side effects and cause absolute havoc on digestion. This is because antibiotics are non-specific in their “kill strategy”, the get rid of the bad bacteria but the takedown the good bacteria as well.
Destroying the gut bacteria creates imbalances when the bacteria return. This is known as dysbiosis.

Symptoms can include:
– Reflux
– Acne
– Psoriasis
– Candida (yeast overgrowth)
– Anxiety
– Depression
– Brain fog

Whilst it is best to avoid antibiotics unless you absolutely needed them. I support the use of medications in the right dose and at the right time but honestly, they are overprescribed and often unnecessary. However, when there is no option but to take them there are a few things that you can do to look after your gut.

1. Drink Bone Broth
The collagen and gelatin that comes from bone broth provide amino acids needed to help seal the gut lining if it has been compromised. This can help toxins from a leaky gut going into the bloodstream and aid the body in absorbing essential nutrients.

2. Avoid sugar during and after antibiotics
Candida thrives on sugar. And when the gut bacteria is being wiped out from antibiotics, candida (a yeast that is not harmed by antibiotics) takes the opportunity to grow before the good bacteria has a chance to regroup and fight back. So keep sugar and simple carbohydrates to a minimum.

3. Resistant starch*
More likely you’ve heard the term prebiotic, that’s what resistant starch is. They feed the beneficial bacteria and help with the natural fermentation process in the gut microbiome. Sources of resistant starch are green bananas, cooked and cooled rice, unroasted cashews.

4. Get started on a good quality probiotic ASAP

Rebalance your microbiome before another type of bacteria does it for you. This is key to how to fix your gut after antibiotics. There is a huge variety of bacteria in your gut – some good and some bad. But we need a healthy balance. If you have wiped out your microbes then don’t delay get started on a trusted probiotic immediately. This is the one I recommend – Click Here

*Note: If you have IBS or IBD go slow on the resistance starch.