Weight Loss - Keys to YOUR Success! 

Weight Loss – Keys to YOUR Success! 

In Australia, obesity rates are on the rise. In 2014-2015 an estimated 11.2 million (63.4%) Australians were overweight or obese, this statistic is divided into 6.3 million (35.5%) people are overweight, and 4.9 million (27.9%) are obese. Weight Loss – Keys to YOUR Success is right here! You may be reading this thinking well this is nothing new to me but have you thought of the consequences that being overweight or obese can have?  Being overweight or obese significantly increases your risk of severe chronic health conditions such as; Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnoea, High blood pressure, Coronary heart disease, Cardiovascular disease, Stroke, Insulin resistance, Atherosclerosis, Hormonal problems (Polycystic ovarian syndrome), Infertility, Serious digestive issues, and some Cancers. All of these conditions negatively impact the health care system but also the individual as well.

Seeing a qualified naturopath can be the support you need to get your health and weight back on track naturally. Weight loss isn’t easy but below are tips to trimming down!

1. Keep hydrated – Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Water is required for almost all body functions and processes. You should drink approximately 0.033 of a litre of water for every 1kg of bodyweight. For example, if you weigh 65kg, that is 65 x 0.033 = 2.145 Litres of water per day.

2. Eat lots of vegetables – Aim to eat vegetables with every meal. Vegetables are full of healthy nutrients to keep your body functionally optimally. When trying to lose weight it is important to remember to eat good quality food that will keep you full for long whilst you are burning off excess fat.

3. Get your sugar cravings under control – Sugar cravings can be your biggest enemy. A suggestion is to be prepared – have healthy snacks ready to eat between meals, so that you don’t catch yourself reaching for that afternoon chocolate bar.

4. Exercise – You need to burn calories. Improving your diet is excellent but getting up and exercising daily will make a huge difference. The hardest part is staying motivated – try setting an alarm for your daily walk or choose to walk with kids to the park rather than drive.

5. Eat regularly – Skipping meals is not beneficial. Skipping meals tells your body that it is unsure of when it is going to get its next meal – therefore it holds on to fat it already has ͞just in case. Yes, you can still lose weight when eating 3 main meals per day plus snacks!

6. Stressless – Manage your stress and look after your emotional wellbeing. Your body cannot lose weight while it is under pressure from other angles. Find a strong support network and deal with your life stressors as they arise before they pile up. A naturopath can support you as well.

7. Sleep  – You need regular and consistent sleep for your body to be able to rest and repair. You can’t drive your car when it has no fuel and your body is much the same – sleep refuels your engine.

8. Gut health – the gut is the centre of all health and wellbeing. If your gut is compromised, or not function optimally your body is unable to absorb, utilise and eliminate effectively which can slow down weight loss. What can you do? Heal your gut!

Getting your weight under control takes perseverance! But it isn’t something to do alone. Recruit your friends and family to support you in your journey.